Executive Benefit Plans

Unique Planning That Rewards Those Who Deserve It Most

In todays competitive business atmosphere and low unemployment rate, standard benefits may not be enough to attract, retain, and reward top talent. At Nebraska Asset Protection Group our team of advisors can help you construct a well-structured executive benefit plan to reward your key employees. That may be the differentiator you need to build that competitive advantage amongst your peers.

What We Offer

Cash Value Life Insurance

Supplemental executive benefit plans allow an employer to provide incentives to one or more select employees, which can offer more flexibility in plan design and resolve benefit-limitation issues. For sole-proprietors it allows for diversification of the businesses assets, which is prudent during times of financial distress as well as an additional retirement fund. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Non-qualified, so no required IRS approval and minimal reporting
  • Benefits accrue tax-deferred
  • Death benefit in the event of premature death to provide a continued supplemental payment or a lump-sum payment to the family
  • Payout is income tax-deductible to the business if the compensation is reasonable
  • Policy can be structured in a way that allows the company to recover its costs

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