Long-Term Care Plans

Helping You Prepare For Whats To Come And Guiding You Along The Way

Long-Term Care Insurance is the ultimate pre-planning tool.  These policies provide coverage in the event of a stay in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or if receiving home health care.  With both traditional and hybrid policies available, we can help you customize the best option based on your situation and future expectations.

What We Offer

Traditional Long-Term Care Coverage

With traditional long term care insurance, you have the flexibility to customize your policy to fit your needs. You can specify when you want your benefits to start and how long you’d like them to last.

Typically, you pay an annual premium until you begin receiving benefits, although your premium payment period could be shorter. There is also, a return of premium option available. This makes traditional long term care insurance generally one of the most efficient ways to get the most coverage for your premium paid. 

Long-Term Care Partnership Programs

The Long Term Care Partnership Program is a joint federal-state policy initiative to promote the purchase of private long term care insurance.

Purchasing a Partnership-qualified (PQ) long term care insurance policy provides an added benefit. This benefit is described as “dollar-for-dollar” asset disregard or “spend down” protection. Individuals who purchase a PQ policy ‘earn’ one dollar of Medicaid asset disregard for every dollar of insurance coverage paid on their behalf protecting your assets from Medicaid recovery.

Hybrid Long-Term Care Coverage

Hybrid insurance combines long term care insurance with either life insurance or annuities. In the event that you do not use long term care services, your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit or payment.

Furthermore, hybrid insurance policies often offer a surrender value—which is a cash payment that is paid to you if you choose to cancel the policy. Our hybrid policies contain accessible cash value and allow you to earn growth at a competitive rate.  Plus, the growth can be used to pay for long-term care on a tax-free basis.

Typically, these policies are single payment premiums or flexible payment premiums for a certain number of years.

Long-Term Care Indemnity Plans

Cash indemnity long term care insurance polices will pay out your full monthly maximum benefit to you with no restrictions on how your money is used.  Once your claim is approved, you are not required to submit monthly bills and receipts. Here are the features:

  • Bills and receipts not required
  • 100% of your monthly LTC benefit available every month
  • No restrictions on how you spend your benefits
  • Unused monthly benefits can be saved in your personal bank account for future needs

So, a long-term care indemnity plan gives you the flexibility, freedom and control to spend your benefits however you want.

Helpful Tools

Long-Term Care Needs Calculator will help you determine the proper amount of long-term care insurance protection for future needs.

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