Medicaid-Crisis Planning

Giving Families Peace of Mind During a Time of Uncertainty

When it’s time to address financial needs that have been, or will be created by long-term care of a loved one, we know that the process often feels overwhelming and the future seems uncertain. At Nebraska Asset Protection Group, we value financial security, trust, peace of mind, and quality of life for all parties involved.

What We Offer

  • No cost consultation to provide an overview of Medicaid Long Term Care, answer your general questions and assess obstacles and/or opportunities with Medicaid eligibility;
  • One-on-one personal review of your loved one’s assets, how to best protect them, and how Medicaid could fit;
  • Gather all necessary documentation and work with an Elder Law attorney to prepare and execute any needed documents including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, deeds, contracts, annuities, etc.;
  • File Medicaid application and submit supporting documents, case managing the entire process on your behalf, which includes all communications with each state Department of Health and Human Services;
  • Post-eligibility coordination of benefits with your loved one’s long term care facility;
  • Ongoing Medicaid application filing for your loved one along with guidance on post-eligibility financial requirements and changes in future circumstances.

Heres Our Process

STEP ONE: Determine Medicaid Eligibility

When you call us you will speak with a licensed advisor to explain and discuss Medicaid Long-Term Care, answer questions, and determine Medicaid eligibility.

STEP TWO: Determine the Spend-Down Amount

Once eligibility is determined we will work with an elder law attorney to complete a comprehensive review of your loved ones assets, how to best protect them, and the tools available to assist in these efforts.

STEP THREE: Implement the Protection Plan

An advisor from our office and an elder law attorney will review the proposal with you in person to answer any questions and explain implementation of the plan.

STEP FOUR: Apply for Medicaid

Our firm will manage the entire Medicaid filing process on your behalf along with the Medicaid benefit coordination with your long-term care facility.

We’re here to listen to the needs of you and your loved one. Based on the information you provide, our team of experts works together to create a comprehensive, immediate plan of action that will give you the peace of mind you need and give your loved one the care and security they deserve.

Ready To Get Started?

Download our questionnaires. Please click one of the links below to review a typical questionnaire and one of our coordinators will walk you through. These questionnaires, designed for either single persons or married couples, will better prepare you for an engagement with Nebraska Asset Protection Group.

Prefer To Talk?

Click the link below and fill out the contact form to get started. A licensed advisor will contact you directly to complete a free confidential review of your unique situation.

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